Dallas Gold Shops

For investors and collectors who want a more personal approach to buying gold, there is always the option of local coin shops. Whereas online precious metals dealers cannot provide the convenience of actually touching and holding the product, local dealers are able to give the customer a more attentive service. The drawback, however, is that the selection is limited to the dealer’s inventory, which may necessitate going back and forth between several dealers to get the best value.

If you’re looking to buy gold in Dallas, you don’t have to head west to pan for it or wait for it to be smuggled across the border. Check out these three gold and silver dealers in the greater Dallas area:

Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange

dallas-gold-silver-exchangeIf for no other reason than sheer convenience, check out Dallas Gold & Silver. With eight locations in and around Dallas, chances are there’s one within 15 minutes of you, wherever you may be in the city.

If you’re looking for bullion, you’re in luck: Dallas Gold & Silver sells a wide variety of gold, silver, and platinum bullion, as well as the 2005 Palladium Canadian Maple. Rare coin buyers looking of all price ranges will find something to ponder adding to their collection as well, including the ultra-rare 1907 High Relief Saint Gauden and a 1996 China 10Y Panda, valued at over $60,000 and $1,500 respectively.

Check out Dallas Gold & Silver’s Central Dallas location at 6174 Sherry Lane, Dallas, TX 75225 or call at 972-484-3662 for the location nearest you.

Heritage Auctions

heritage-auctionsIf you’d rather get away from the storefront, check out Heritage Auctions, one of the country’s largest auction houses for coins, antiques, collectables and more. This world-famous auction house was established in 1976 and claims to have purchased over $2 billion in rare coins in its 40-year existence.

Heritage has even sold two pieces of the extremely valuable 1804 silver dollar; one has been valued at $3.7 million, making it the third most valuable coin ever sold at auction. Listing the coins for sale with Heritage would take up the entirety of this article; if you’re looking for it you can probably find it at auction with them.

Visit Heritage Auctions at 3500 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX, 75219 or call ahead (recommended) at 214-528-3500.

Dallas Rare Coins Ltd.

dallas-rare-coinsIf a world-renowned auction house seems a little too much trouble, try Dallas Rare Coins. This rare coin-dealer has been selling US, world, and ancient coins from the same location, just north of the Government District in downtown Dallas, since 1984. They don’t list their inventory online, so make sure you call ahead to ensure they’ve got what you’re looking for in-stock.

Check out Dallas Rare Coins Ltd. In-person at 5221 Forest Lane, Suite 101, Dallas, TX 75244 or call at 972-458-1617.

Sales Tax on Gold Purchases in Dallas

Always remember that sales tax may apply when buying precious metals and laws vary from state to state.Purchases of $1,000 or more in precious metals are exempt from Texas sales tax. Purchases under $1,000 can be taxed anywhere from 6.25%-8.25%.